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Inspired to raise the Generation that will change the Nations

Apostle Eric Israel Okere

Apostle Eric Israel - Okere is the president and founder of international potters foundation and world changers christian movement through which he reaches out to young people in his generation. He is called to raise the generation that will change the world and has pioneered the gospel movement to different parts of the world including Brazil, paraguay, Ghana, Benin, Republic of South Africa, Kenya amongst others.

He is married to pastor Grace and they both have 2 sons. He is currently producing powerful proof producers planet wide from Nairobi, Kenya.

Apostle Eric Israel-Okere gave his life to Christ after the death of his mother at the tender age of 8. He was the only son of Mr. Basil and late Mrs. Racheal Okere from a catholic background. He was called to ministry at the age of 10 when he followed his father to do restitution to his parents (Eric’s grandparents). He saw a vision of himself preaching to a large crowd of people who had a mixture of sick people on wheel chairs and crutches getting healed. He got up from the sleep and told his father the vision, it repeated about three times, the second vision he saw himself in a ship preaching to a large crowd of people being moved by a ship towards north. In the third vision, he saw himself in a plane (aircraft) going to preach and his father gave him the microphone. He met a large crowd of audience and preached Christ to them wearing a white suit with great signs and wonders of healings and deliverances.

From this time, little Eric begun to preach the gospel, he started attending the Deeper Life Bible Church of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, a great man of God. Many people in the church saw the hand of God on him as he quickly rose into leadership though still a child. He began to lead house fellowships, youth fellowships, evangelism and publicity among the youth. He also joined the choir, both the local church and youth choir called the DLSO (Deeper Life schools Outreach) choir. This is where he learnt the rudiments of music.

Eric has had some down turns in his life trying to make ends meet. He learnt how to repair shoes under Bro. Dennis Okoh, a leader in Deeper Life then. He also learnt to barb hair and he was a former bus conductor and later in life a T.V. presenter in the formative years of his ministry.

Apostle Eric has always longed to be mentored and tutored by those who have been ahead of him. Among those who played major roles in his life are Pastor Charles Adegoke of RCCG (Redeemed Christian Church of God) through whom he met his father in the lord, Rev. Joe Olaiya whom God has used and still using to cover, correct and guide his ministerial, personal and spiritual affairs. God has brought a lot of mentors his way, people like Pastor Kunle Olawale, Apostle Johnson Suleman, the two whom God used to prophetically locate him in destiny. People like Pastor Benny Hinn, Myles Munroe, Kenneth Hagin, Pastor J.T Kalejaiye, Rev. George Adegboye (in whose meetings he met his wife) and many others who mentored him through their books, tapes, CDs and DVDs.

Despite the difficulty he had in schooling after the death of his mother, he came out with a distinction in primary school and was the time keeper in his last year and always the class captain. In secondary school, he was also toping in the class, leading the class and always preaching to his mates. In fact, he was the senior prefect in his set and had some notable revival meetings in the whole secondary school like the successful conferences. He had difficulty in going to university, he could not secure an admission even after even after passing the qualifying exams. But God miraculously opened his door to Benson Idahosa University where he graduated as the best student in the department of sociology and anthropology and won the Chancellor’s award of his set despite being busy preaching in the various parts of the nation and around the world. In fact, he organized around 30 crusades personally while in University in various campuses in Nigeria and Kenya. God blessed him as the university gave him scholarship for his master’s and doctorate degrees. He is presently moving into doing his doctorate degree as he round off his masters’ degree in Advanced Disaster Management in the University of Nairobi, Kenya. He met his wife, Pastor Grace while attending young ministers conference organized by Rev. George Adegboye of Rhema Chapel Ilorin and today they live and preach together in Kenya and around the nations of the world. They are blessed with two sons, Israel and Elijah.

Apostle Eric began ministry as an evangelist, which took him to nearly all states in Nigeria and countries of the world which include- Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Paraguay, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Cote d’ Ivore among others. Major miracles, signs and wonders characterized Apostle Eric’s meetings, healings, deaf hearing, dumb speaking, lame walking, broken bones mended, barren fruitful, blind seeing and God has given him a strong command in dealing with strongholds and demonic cases. Demons crying out of those they possessed are event that take place in his meetings.

God also gave him a strong prophetic touch with great depth and accuracy in word of knowledge, wisdom and prophesy. He is a man of strong faith and great courage believing strongly in worship, warfare and deep insight into God’s word. He is a preacher, teacher, evangelist, prophet and pastor coupled into the Apostolic calling of his destiny of producing powerful proof producers planet wide. He speaks in conferences, crusades, miracle services and inspiration teaching services. The grace on his head cuts across all generation but the young people delight in him.

He is the founder of World Changers International Christian Centre Nigeria and Kenya, a fast growing ministry changing the nations. He also the Chief Executive Director of Pilots of Destiny Consultancy through which he trains executives in corporate organizations inside and outside Kenya. He has also authored a prayer manual book. You cannot meet him and not be challenged to hunger for God to show up in your life.

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