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Prophetic Word for 2016

There will be global establishment of ministries carrying the fiery torch of revival,All vessels unto honour practicing the covenant will encounter durable prosperity,There will be strange natural disasters in selected places that headquarters demonic activities,The new strategy of the devil to terrorize the world will terrorize his kingdom with massive effects,Much prayer, fasting, sacrifice and deliberate righteous living is the power that can sustain humanity and this world,God will fund global evangelists and revivalists with both natural and supernatural funds by himself this year,More babies will be born into the world than any other time in history this year,Some parts of the world will become a no go zone until fire settles the matter,As darkness increases in the world strong lights will shine brighter and brighter this year,There will be global reconciliation and restoration if the righteous pray fervently in the order of Simeon and Anna waiting for redemption.
Stronger connection with unite states of America, More jobs but less prosperity, entrepreneurs & those operating divine economic system will enjoy durable wealth,Gods defence will protect Kenya from all aggression,The stronghold locking peoples mind against God will be shattered, love for money will die & replaced with hunger for God,Political divisions and the rise of silent voices,With much prayer Kenya will shine brighter in the committee of nations this year,Terrors will shoot themselves on the foot.
Hidden secrets and demonic agendas will be exposed, The church will be more united, Revival of prayer and supplication will erupt as believers will watch and prayer more, A new generation of revival torch bearers will arise,There will be greater light.
Political disagreements, Faster development,Moral decadence and family problems because of western culture,Aggressive prayer and hunger for revival ,The birth of a new era in the spirit.
The overturning stability, Removal of the dark spot brewing violence, National rebuilding by end time revival,Towards the end of the year there will be restoration,Educational craze and hunger for knowledge.
The prominence of African union HQ,The total fall of the iron curtain,Divine transfers and divine elevations,Painful, peaceful but proof producing decisions by the mighty,Change of guards in the fellowship by Gods move with unprecedented growth.
Heat, fire, heat only fervent prayer can quench & control it,Peaceful resolutions,Mass return to the almighty,Notable, unbelievable crowd pulling & sustaining miracles,Back firing of the demonic agenda of children of the bond woman.
1. It shall be a year of golden opportunities and due seasons for those who have waited faithfully 
2. Many believers will switch from labour to favour by faith in 2016
3. Keys to treasures, fortunes and hidden riches will be given to many believers 
4. Many believers will be imparted with supernatural wisdom to enter realms of dominion not common to men
5. God will give you unbelievable answers and mind blowing result 
6. You will start counting your uncountable blessing from January 2016, because God has selected you, elected you and empowered you by his grace
7. This year God will establish and settle you in durable prosperity
8.  soul winners, prayerfull and righteousness will enjoy the covenant of salt in 2016.
9. Divine escape, divine positioning and divine elevation to global relevance is in store for all covenant practitioners
10. Afflictions will not rise up the second time.

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